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Boosting accuracy and efficiency, CCH Workpapers streamlines the process of evaluating and documenting the financial position of businesses or individuals.

We’ve combined the strengths of Microsoft Excel® and the in-built smarts of our CCH Workpapers Excel Add-in to create an intelligent and flexible tool that helps accountants work smarter.

With a suite of over 60+ workpapers, you can be assured we’ll have a workpaper template for every occasion. The flexibility of our system even means you can easily integrate your own templates.

CCH Workpapers integrates with all leading accounting software providers including:

  • iFirm
  • APS
  • MYOB AO & MYOB AO (Common Ledger)
  • MYOB AE (MAS) & MYOB AE (Common Ledger)
  • Xero
  • Reckon One

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